About the GGWSL

The Golden Gate Women’s Soccer League is Northern California’s largest women’s soccer league, serving all of the Bay Area. The GGWSL is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to teach, promote, administer, and develop the game of soccer for women in the Bay Area.

The league was formed in 1977, against considerable opposition from the state soccer association and other organizations.  A huge debt is owed to the early pioneers who helped organize the league and lobby for the ability to share San Francisco fields with the men’s soccer leagues at the time.  The league was able to get and running when a few women convinced some of the local men’s teams to sponsor women’s teams. This enabled the teams to obtain the necessary permits and fields, allowing them to play.

Some of the founding teams in the Golden Gate Women’s Soccer League still exist today, including the SF Scots and the Celtic Ramblers.

The GGWSL has two seasons consisting of 10 games each:

  • Fall Season – September to December
  • Spring Season – February to June

If you would like more information about joining GGWSL, please contact vpnewplayers@ggwsl.org